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Texas State Rifle Association-PAC Endorses John Raney

Oct. 15, 2012: "The Texas State Rifle Association-PAC (TSRA-PAC) endorses Rep. John Raney (R-College Station) for State Representative in Texas House District 14.

Earlier this year, Rep. Raney won the special election to fill the seat vacated by the retirement of Rep. Fred Brown. He is the only candidate running for House District 14 who returned a perfect pro-gun candidate questionnaire. Rated "AQ" and Endorsed by Texas State Rifle Association-PAC ."

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Texas Alliance for Life Endorses John Raney

May 14, 2012: "Texas Alliance for Life PAC is proud to endorse John Raney for HD 14. We look forward to working with him to protect innocent human life in Texas. Vote pro-life."

Texas Alliance for Life is a nonprofit organization of people committed to protecting the fundamental right to life of all innocent human beings and to promoting respect for their value and dignity from the moment of conception until natural death. We therefore oppose the advocacy and practice of abortion (except to preserve the mother's life), infanticide, euthanasia, and all forms of assisted suicide.
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Texas Association of Realtors

April 4, 2012: "The Texas Association of Realtors today announced its decision to endorse John Raney in his election to the Texas House to represent District 14. Making the statement last week, Chairman Joe Stewart applauded Raney's commitment to Texas homeowners.

'The next legislative session will be filled with difficult decisions," said Stewart. "That's why we need lawmakers like Raney who understand the critical role homeowners play in keeping our state prosperous, which is why we've pledged our full support.'

Texas Realtors have championed a number of legislative issues enhancing the lives of Texans, such as urging reforms to the property appraisal system in 2011 and 2009, preventing a tax of $600 or more on the personal vehicles of independent Texans in 2007 and advocating for billions in property tax reductions in 2005."
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Texans for Lawsuit Reform

December 15, 2011: "Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC today announced its endorsement of John Raney for House District 14. In making the endorsement, TLR PAC Chairman, Richard J. Trabulsi, Jr., said:

'John Raney is an able and experienced businessman who is committed to conservative principals. He understands the importance of lawsuit reform in creating jobs and keeping the Texas economy strong. John will bring a sound and practical approach to the Texas House of Representatives.'"

TLR PAC is the political arm of Texans for Lawsuit Reform, the state's largest civil justice reform organization. TLR is a bipartisan, volunteer-led coalition with more than 17,000 supporters residing in 818 Texas communities and representing 1,266 different businesses, professions and trades Read complete endorsement press release

Texas Medical Association

December 5, 2011: "Today, longtime Brazos County businessman John Raney announced that the Texas Medical Association's Political Action Committee (TEXPAC) has endorsed him in the Dec. 13 runoff election.

'TEXPAC and TMA look forward to working alongside Mr. Raney as we identify and implement better solutions to save the sacred bond we have forged with our patients.'"
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Texas Office of the National Federation of Independent Business

October 5, 2011: "The Texas office of the National Federation of Independent Business, the state's leading small business association, today announces its endorsement of John Raney in a special election in House District 14."

Will Newton, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)/Texas Executive Director

“John is the pro-small business candidate in this race. As a member of the NFIB/Texas Leadership Council, he is keenly aware of the issues facing small business owners. His policy positions have indicated his support of many of NFIB’s priority issues, including workforce development, job growth, lawsuit reform and changes to the state’s business tax.”

Susan and Bill Birdwell, Bryan

"John Raney represents all that matters when we look at the characteristics of a public servant: Give us someone who is faithful to his God and to his family. Show us a person who has been steadfast in his message, true to self, honest and fair whether dealing with relationships or business affairs. Give us someone who does not conform to the politics of the time, who will see public office as a privilege, who has no agenda other than the welfare of his constituents. We have known John Raney for 36 years, and we are grateful for his willingness to give of himself for the betterment of our community and state. We do not know all the issues that our legislature will address, but we know John Raney. And if you, his neighbors, will consider someone with the highest integrity, a strong conservative voice and a servant's heart, then you will surely honor John with your vote. And through his service he will surely honor you."

Cyndi Taylor Krier, Former Republican State Senator and County Judge

"John Raney helped to build the Republican Party in Texas. His efforts have elected many other Republican candidates through the years so it is especially exciting to see him put that experience to work as a candidate now and a State Representative soon. I first met John Raney when he was Chairman of the Brazos County Republican Party and I was working for U.S. Senator John Tower. Senator Tower relied on John Raney much like Senator Gramm later relied on Dickie Flatt! John Raney's common sense, grassroots, business approach to government has been the source of good advice to many others and will be put to good use in the Texas Capitol."

Steve Aldrich, College Station

"I've researched all of the candidates in this race. I've studied the issues and made my decision. I can't envision any circumstance that would cause me to change my mind. I will campaign and vote for John Raney! I'm completely sure that he will be the most effective Representative for all of us as our TX HD 14 Legislator!"

Lois Beach, College Station

"I starting working in the Republican Party with John in the mid 70's when he ran for county judge. During the years since then he has held leadership roles and has worked diligently to advance conservative values in Brazos County. As a legislator, he will be honest, hard working and sensitive to the needs and desires of his constituents. John is a successful businessman and knows how to make jobs and spend wisely. I heartily recommend him for State Representative."

Jack Adams, College Station

"I've known John Raney for about 35 years around business and socially. What I appreciate about John is that he is involved in our community and he will tackle issues head on. His business sense is based on sound values leading to good decisions."

Laura Deiss

"During my freshmen summer, 1983, John hired me to work at then Texas Aggie Bookstore. I worked for John until I married and moved away December 1985. Thanks to the job I met my husband of 26 years. When Stephen decided to return for his masters John offered him a part time job while he completed his work and I worked for him on the weekends and summer between my teaching assignments. We worked for John for another two years. Since we have moved away we have referred many students to the bookstore for work. John has always graciously hired anyone that we sent his way. He is very concerned about our future leaders and enjoys giving those with initiative a chance to reach their goals. There is not a single person who has worked for the bookstore that has not benefited in more ways than just a pay check. He has had a hand in teaching responsibility, dedication, and hard work to all who have had the privilege of working for him."

Ronnie Volkening
President & CEO, Texas Retailers Association

"John Raney has been a tremendous asset to the Texas Retailers Association. Having served on our board for more than a decade, he has been a tireless and effective legislative advocate on a wide variety of issues affecting retailers. He also has consistently provided valuable insights and uncommon leadership in representing the small business owner in Texas."

Pam Perry Maddox

"John, we are so happy to have you running! We need responsible government and a government that will listen to the people and work for the people - NOT just for re-election!!!!! Thank you..."

Tyke Martin

"Look Out Austin, Here comes some Honesty & Integrity!!"

I Endorse John Raney For State Representative
  • Texas Association of Realtors
  • Texas Farm Bureau
  • Texas Public Employees Association
  • Texas State Rifle Association
  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • Texas Medical Association
  • Texas Alliance for Life
  • Texas Retailers Association
  • Texas Civil Justice League
  • Texas Dental Hygiene Association
  • Brazos Valley Dental Hygiene Society
  • National Association of Chain Drug Stores
  • Texas Society of Health System Pharmacists

  • Cyndi Taylor Krier, Former Republican State Senator and County Judge
  • Dr. Jarvis Miller, Former President of Texas A&M University
  • Martin Leissner, Former Brazos County Republican Chairman
  • Lynn McIlhaney, Former College Station Mayor
  • Lloyd & Mary Joyce, Former Bryan Mayor
  • Merrill & Bonnie Green, Bryan School Board member
  • M. L. “Red” & Marie Cashion
  • Emil Ogden
  • Dr. Bill and Susan Birdwell
  • Thomas & Kit Darling
  • Parviz & Chantal Vessali
  • Bill and Marilyn Youngkin
  • Bill & Pamela Perry Maddox
  • Steve and Lisa Aldrich
  • Fain and Janie McDougal
  • Ann Wiatt
  • Yvonne and George Nelson
  • Barbara Schwartz
  • Charles & Cathryn Looney
  • Steve & Julie Porter
  • Dr. Bill & Sarah Riggs
  • John & Carolyn Hoyle
  • Joshua & Becca Young Carter
  • David & Cherry Hickson
  • Mary Helen Bowers
  • Don & Paula House
  • Carlos & Joyce Roberts
  • Miller Aldrich
  • Jim & Linda Woods
  • Rob & Lisa Hunziker
  • John & Sally Godfrey
  • Herbert Thompson
  • Tony & Norma Boatcallie
  • Dan & Sharyn Galvin
  • Jesse “Red” Burditt
  • Dr. Philip & Beverly Alexander
  • Steve & Dorinda Arden
  • Perry & Sara Schwierzke
  • Lynn & Marsha Elliot
  • Mary Jo Janak
  • Mark & Kay Carrabba
  • Eugene & Altha Smith
  • Larry & Roberta Priesmeyer
  • Stanley & Lauren Piper Stephenson
  • Ray & Melissa Petty Thomas
  • Preston & Lisa Rowan
  • Lois Beach
  • Vince & Kathy Patranella
  • Billie Gray
  • Stephen Holditch
  • Amy Banks
  • Adrian & Ali McDonald
  • Karen Smith
  • Louis & Jo Hudson
  • Neal & Lois Scogin
  • Jay & Karen Meador
  • Julie Birkner
  • Brad & Allison Wendler
  • Justin M. Whitworth
  • Stacy Worden
  • Grady Norton
  • Liz Zemanek
  • Phil & Dee Springer
  • Lee Cross
  • Raymond & Susan Olson
  • Bill & Margaret Ravey
  • Dr. Henry (Sonny) & Lou Presnal
  • Neil & Jori Boutell Kennedy
  • Kathy Lees
  • Dr. Bert & Laura Hart
  • David & Beth Price
  • Rick & Linda Ravey
  • Markie T. Grisham
  • Joe Varisco, II
  • Timothy & Holly Scott
  • Rodney & Carol McFaddin
  • Laura Deiss
  • Grant & Anne Barnby
  • Terry & Terrye Kohutek
  • Bill & Nita Thornton
  • Philip Tremont
  • Richard & Linda Graham Weaver
  • Dan & Steffani Jones
  • Joe & Ann Wilder
  • Nancy Hervey Conlee
  • Reed & Gina Hickson
  • Sue Futrell
  • James Pivonka
  • Courtney Moore
  • Mike & Colleen Holmes
  • Nash Porter
  • Billy & Billie Housman
  • James C. & Judy Bradford
  • John & Keith Halsell
  • Bob & Joann Wimbish
  • Dick & Joyce Birdwell
  • Charles Ellis, Jr.
  • Philip & Sandra Beard
  • Rick & Judy Heany
  • Marsha Varisco
  • Joel & Debra Miller
  • Dr. Russell & Norma Bradley
  • David & Kristine Praytor Weaver
  • Gordon & LaNell Gregg
  • Randy & Cheryl French
  • Dr. Mark & Jane Riley
  • Pete & Cheryl Munoz
  • Jesse & Meagan Durden
  • Matthew Doss
  • Brad Hollas
  • James Raney
  • Jay & Janet Burch
  • Mary Jo Prince
  • Josephine Berg
  • Louie & Terri Rogers
  • Jonathan & Susan Allen
  • Dr. John & Carolyn Harris
  • Freda Wood
  • Stacey & Charly Stagg
  • John & Whitney Kriel
  • John & Jamee Boutell Brick
  • Kenneth & Patsy Bonnet
  • Jim & Patty Lampley
  • James & Debra Maggs
  • Arlene Candia
  • Glenn & Trisha Barrett
  • Robt. “Tex” & Mary Lou Farmer
  • Frank & Diana Steelman
  • Philip & Martha Banks
  • Robin Hicks
  • Steve Chaney
  • Jay & Chrissie Granberry
  • Evelyn Rolfe
  • Mary Chenault
  • Gavin Norton
  • Barret Lyne
  • Teresa Byrd
  • James Myner
  • George & Bonny Boykin
  • Tyke & Lezli Martin
  • Frances Allen
  • Charlie & MiChal Hall
  • David & Candace Carrabba
  • Drew & Lisa Alford Ricca
  • Tom & Polly Brumfield
  • Dean Baxter
  • Chuck & Lee Cargill
  • Mary Hodges
  • Dennis & Gretchen French Wilganowski
  • Dr. David & Susan Doss
  • Marie Vick Geelan
  • Dr. & Mrs. Fercan Kalkan
  • Dr. Robt. C. & Mary Evelyn White
  • Winnie Garner
  • David Barron
  • Joel & Jennifer Wyatt Sadler
  • Chuck Allen
  • Katherine Zemanek
  • Theda Flournoy
  • J.J. & Cherry Ruffino
  • Jim & Lila Cashion
  • Bob & Bobbie Middleton
  • Montel Rutledge
  • Larry Gresham
  • Walter & Beverly Hoke
  • Mike Murphy
  • Tom Lyne
  • Jimmie & Leesa Hodges
  • Linda Praytor
  • Oren & Pat Beal
  • Dr. Steve & Judy O’Neal
  • Carol Palmer
  • Jim Bruffett
  • Dennis & Kay Goehring
  • Mrs. J. C. Mullins
  • Guy & Shirley McShan
  • E.J. & Kay Biskup
  • Ronnie & Diana Miller
  • Carson Aldrich
  • Robby & Dina Turner
  • Seth & Paige McKinney
  • Ronnie Volkening
  • Lee & Gayle Brakefield
  • Bill & Denise Boyett
  • Buddy & Jeanne McGown
  • Dr. Nolan & Doy Butler Shipman
  • Al Macias, Jr.
  • Larry & Sherry Piper
  • Tommy & Vicki Gergeni
  • Vanessa Watts
  • Bruce & LaJuan Boyd
  • Joe & Cherry Prazak Burt
  • Duke & Laura Hobbs
  • Charles & Carol Frosch
  • Dr. Fred & Carol Anderson
  • Dwight & Aimee Allen
  • Debra Bundren
  • Bryan & Betsy Brown
  • Rusty & Judi Rush
  • Thala Hooks
  • Chris & Katherine Ravey Daugherty
  • Alex & Laura Scogin
  • George & Hillary Jessup
  • Alan & Nancy Waldie
  • Sean & Mary Jane Snedeker
  • Micheal & Susan Beal
  • Bobby & Neva Prescott
  • Dr. Ryan & Andrea Patranella Walter
  • Clay Gerngross
  • Art & Sharon Brown Hickle
  • Stan & Marlo Wilton
  • Earl Gray
  • Dick & Linda Witherite
  • Jim & Martha Trotter
  • Lambert & Stella Wilkes
  • John M. Barron, Jr.
  • Nikki Ann Ravey
  • Robby & Cathy Bounds
  • Dr. Greg & Alissa Melton
  • Ellen Stephenson
  • Dr. Stephen Tseng
  • Chris & Jen White
  • Jason Dent
  • James Otis & Tracy Carter
  • Stephanie Gibson
  • Dustin & Krystal Ostiguin Walker
  • Jim & Vera Pillans
  • Dallas & Marty Little
  • Dr. Tom & Leslie Hoyt
  • Scott & Elaine Petty
  • Eileen Winkle
  • Carol Enloe
  • Charley & Lelia Bankston
  • Allen Parks
  • Dr. Charles Akins
  • Jo Burley
  • Millie Ehsani
  • Jim & Kay Smith
  • Mary Ann Knezek
  • Bill & Cherilyn Haley
  • Candy Parker
  • Carl & Nancy Bussell
  • Bob & Ann Harris
  • Hal & Lynne Harkey
  • Russ & Vicki Ford
  • Lee & Jeannine Lamb
  • Gerry & Dr. Monica Brown
  • Travis & Camille Engelbrecht
  • David & Betty Duncan
  • Bob & Sheila Pantin
  • Barbara Jones
  • Gary & Greta Norton
  • Jack & Eileen Thrash
  • Ann Hays
  • Jason & Jaime Wiesepape
  • Paula Burkhalter
  • Joe & Wanda Ecrette
  • Skip & Sharon Dent
  • John Only Greer
  • Susan Fiechner
  • David & Dala Henry
  • Dr. Stephen & Allyson Wright
  • Fred & Jan Brossart
  • Rusty & Connie Spencer
  • Don Smith
  • Matthew & Maria Upton
  • Dale & Phyllis Robertson
  • Ron & Jeanne Lueck
  • Pat & Dorothy Lackey
  • Tony & Praytor Perry
  • Ron & Ann Treat
  • Bill & Janet Wyatt Cross
  • Bennie & Tilda Mae Mosley
  • John & Janice Clark
  • Cully Lipsey
  • Carolyn Alford
  • Nate & Julie Hutchinson
  • Shannon Weatherford
  • Ann Vick
  • Pat Guseman
  • Ashley Donatello
  • Gen. Joe Hanover
  • Bob & Reba Ragsdale
  • Faith McConnell
  • Sarah Parks
  • Dub & Johnnie Pearson
  • Gary & Elaine Welch
  • Pat Mahand
  • Wesley & Peggy Gideon
  • David Claridge
  • Keith & Margaret Bryant
  • Grant & Beth Hawkins
  • Al Macias, Sr.
  • Ernie & Kay Adams
  • Jen Nixon
  • Chalon & Marilyn Jones
  • Milton & Mary Lois Chapman
  • Dick & Alice Hickerson
  • Larry & Nancy Whitlock
  • Danny Laird
  • J.L. Taylor ‘59
  • Ron & Vickie Schmidt
  • Bob & Becky Hall
  • Craig & Carol Conlee
  • Rick Hickerson
  • Ben & Judy Kennedy
  • Gene & Wanda Wood
  • Harlan Knezek
  • Dr. Andrew Hansen
  • Jack Adams
  • Jeff & Valerie French
  • Norma Boyett Mitchell
  • Bob & Pam Palmarez
  • Alison Porter
  • Sam Sharp
  • Alice Smith
  • Bob & Rosanna Hildreth
  • Dr. Ron & Candy Rust
  • James & Pixie Stracener
  • Dr. Alan & Nancy Young
  • Dr. Marcy Halterman-Cox
  • Marilu Boyett Meredith
  • Dick & Cathy Withers
  • Danielle & Anita Hernandez
  • Gwyn Jones
  • Larry & Natalie Unruh

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